Adding a leaderboard to your game is a great way to encourage player engagement! There are lots of ways you can customize both your leaderboard and the end screen after your game, to help your game have the biggest reach possible.


1. If you'd like to add a leaderboard to your game in an already published campaign, open the campaign you'd like to add a leaderboard to and in the campaign dashboard click "Edit Campaign". 


Campaign Dashboard - Gizmo


2. This will open the campaign on the "Campaign Details" page, and you can scroll down for the leaderboard section. If you would like to disable your leaderboard, un-tick the box that says "Show Leaderboard". This will hide all the leaderboard settings and instead give you the option of adding a message to be displayed when the game is complete.


Leaderboard Not Enabled - Gizmo


3. If you would like to have a leaderboard, leave the box ticked. Now you can customize it! You can choose whether to show your brand logo above the player scores (the platform will use the brand logo you uploaded in your campaign details), change how many results are displayed at once, and customize the first part of the URL for your leaderboard. Please note - to differentiate the leaderboard URL from the game URL, the leaderboard has "/score" at the end of it. You can also set the background to be the same as your user submission form (if you uploaded one), or upload your own background image.


Leaderboard Customization - Gizmo


4. Use the "Rotate Preview" button on the right hand side of the leaderboard preview to see how the leaderboard will look on a portrait display. You can also set a different image to be used for just the portrait background as well.


Leaderboard Portrait Customization - Gizmo


5. Now you can customize the end screen, and you can do this regardless of whether you have opted to have a leaderboard or not. You can:

  • Enter a landing page link (this is the website that players will be taken if they click "Learn More").
  • Enter a social media link (this is the website link that is shared with social media posts, if you enable social sharing functionality).
  • Upload an image to be the background of the capture that is shared on social media (the capture is used if you enable social media sharing and your players click any of the links on the end screen to share their score).
  • Set the text that is shared on Twitter alongside the image (this is used if you enable Twitter sharing).
  • Choose whether to enable or disable the "Learn More" button. If you disable any of the website or social media buttons their icons will be removed from the end screen altogether.
  • Choose whether integrated Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn sharing will be available to players.
  • Format your end screen by choosing the font and colours of each side of the background and each of the buttons.


Customize End Screen - Gizmo


6. Make sure you click "Continue" and navigate through the rest of the steps to publish your game and save your changes. You don't need to update anything in the rest of the steps if you don't want to, but you do need to make sure you re-publish the game!


7. If you'd like to clear your leaderboard in the future, the owner of the campaign can do that in the "Entries" tab of the campaign by clicking the "Clear Leaderboard" button at the bottom of the menu on the right. Clearing the leaderboard doesn't clear any of the analytics or the stored information in your tables, as the filtering functionality is there for that, but it does clear the data displayed to players. This means you can test out the game as many times as you like and clear the leaderboard before you share it with the public!


Clear Leaderboard Button - Gizmo


If you have any trouble or would like a hand, feel free to get in touch with our support team - you can reach them at