If you have a store with a "Buy Now" button on the right side, you might not be too keen on having the Gamify "Play Now" button sitting there as well. Luckily it's very easy to shift the Gamify button to the left!


1. Navigate to the code of your store by clicking on "Online Store" in the menu on the left, then expand the "Actions" menu of your current theme and select "Edit Code". 


Edit Store Code - Shopify


2. There are several folders of different code on the left - click on the one called "Snippets" to expand the code files stored there. Select the file named "gfy-popup.liquid" to open the code for the Play Now button.


Default Play Now Button Code - Shopify


3. Almost done! There are two containers in this code - one div for the Play Now button, and one div for the the iframe that opens and displays your game when the button is clicked. To change the alignment of the first div and move the button to the left, edit the top line of code so that it says: 


<div id="gfy-popup" style="left: 25px; right: unset;">


Code to Shift Play Now Button Left - Shopify


4. Save the change you've made, and then open your store - you should see the button on the left now instead of the right. 


If you have any trouble or would like a hand, feel free to get in touch with our support team - you can reach them at shopify-support@gamify.com