One of the most popular features in our games is the ability to add a quiz! You can add a quiz while you're first setting up a campaign, or you can go back later and add one to an already published campaign.


1. If you're adding a quiz to an already published campaign, open the campaign you'd like to add the quiz to and in the campaign dashboard click "Edit Campaign". 


Campaign Dashboard - Gizmo


2. This will open the campaign on the "Campaign Details" page. Scroll down for the Quiz section, and to enable your quiz, click the "Enable" checkbox beside "Use Quiz Feature". There are a few different details that you can customize for your quiz! Give the quiz a name, set a score that players need to reach in the game before they qualify for the quiz, and choose what effect the result should have on the leaderboard. Select whether you want the quiz questions to display randomly or in the order you write them, and choose how many questions the quiz should display at once.


Enabled Quiz - Gizmo


3. Now you can write your quiz questions! You can add up to 20 questions with as many answers as you like - for each question just select the star next to the correct answer to mark it as the right one. 


Custom Quiz Question - Gizmo


4. That's your quiz done! Click on "Continue" at the top or bottom of the page to move on to game customization - if you've already set your game customization or you don't want to customize your game that's ok, but in order to save your quiz and have it visible to players you do need to click "Continue" through the rest of the steps and re-publish the game.


If you have any trouble or would like a hand, feel free to get in touch with our support team - you can reach them at