It's easy to build a campaign in Gizmo! You can customize games in as many draft and paused campaigns as you like, meaning you can work on multiple campaigns and have them ready to go. Your plan will tell you how many campaigns you can have live at a time - if you'd like to have multiple games live at once, check out our Studio and Agency plans to gain access to more campaigns!


1. On the Campaigns page you'll see the campaigns that you currently have live at the top, and the draft and paused campaigns underneath that. You can also see how many live campaigns you have used of your limit by looking in the box on the right. Click on the "Create New Campaign" button above your campaigns to get started. 


Blank Campaigns Page - Gizmo


2. The first step is choosing a game - scroll through our game library to check out all the games we currently have available, or search for a specific one by using the search bar on the right. Click on the game you like best to select it.


Game Library - Gizmo


3. Once you've picked a game then you'll be able to see a preview of it. You can play the game and see how you like it, rotate the screen to see how it will look when it's in a different orientation, or go back to the game library to choose another game. If you're happy with the game you've chosen, click "Continue" at the top to move on to the next step.


Game Preview - Gizmo


4. Give your campaign a name and set a start and end date. If you're on our Studio or Agency plan you can customize the first part of your game URL, and upload a Brand Logo too. At this stage you can either click "Continue" to move on to customizing your game assets, or you can expand the Quiz, User Submission Form, or Leaderboard sections to customize those features. Check out the rest of our help articles to learn how to make the most of them!


Campaign Details - Gizmo


5. The next step after entering your campaign details is to customize the game. This step can be simple or more involved, depending on how unique you want your game to be! Check out our "Customizing Your Game (Gizmo)" article for information on the different ways to customize your game. In the meantime, you can click on "Preview Your Game" at the bottom to see how it looks, or "Continue" up the top to move on to the next step.


Customize Game - Gizmo


6. The next step is optional, but if you'd like to add rewards for your players you can. There are two different ways to reward players - either when they beat the top score, or randomly. Check out our "Adding Rewards to Your Game (Gizmo)" article for more details about how to utilize these rewards, or click "Continue" to keep building your campaign.


Rewards - Gizmo


7. The last step is to publish your game! You can review the campaign details and rewards you've set, and preview the game as it will appear to players. Have a read through the terms and conditions by clicking the link at the bottom of the page, and then click "I agree to the terms and conditions" to activate the publish button. Finally, click "Publish Game" to publish your game.


Publish Campaign - Gizmo


8. Congratulations! Your campaign is now live. You should get a message on screen confirming that it launched successfully, and then you can either get started on another campaign or drop back to your Campaign page from the first step.


Campaign Published Successfully - Gizmo


9. If you click on "View Campaigns" and open the campaign you've just created, you'll be able to see the dashboard for your campaign - below is an example of what the dashboard looks like after the game has been played a few times. You can see a few different tabs across the menu at the top:

  • Dashboard, the current page, where you can see the overall statistics for the game
  • Game, where you can see a preview of your game
  • Rewards, where you can see a list of rewards that are enabled in the game. If you haven't set any up yet then this tab will be empty, but you can use it to navigate to the page where you can set your rewards
  • Winners, a table of players who have won rewards. You can generate a CSV file of the winners from this page and download it to your computer
  • Entries, a table of all the players who have played your game. You can generate a CSV file of this list too, and download it to your computer
  • Integrations, if you are on our Studio plan or higher. This is where you can set up your integration and export your player data directly into Mailchimp


Campaign Dashboard with Winners - Gizmo


We hope your players enjoy the campaign you've created! If you have any trouble or would like a hand, feel free to get in touch with our support team - you can reach them at