Thanks for trying out our app! When you upgrade your Wix Gamify package to Silver or Gold you gain access to the form functionality, which is a great way to understand your players better. In the Gamify Statistics Dashboard you can view game and engagement statistics, as well as export the data collected from your players when they complete a form.


1. First, make sure you are on one of our Silver or Gold packages, as this ensures the reward functionality is available for you to use. Next, navigate to the Gamify dashboard for your Wix website (you can find this under Apps / Manage Apps / Gamify - Game Maker).


2. For the game that you would like to access the data for, click on the settings icon, then in the menu that pops up select "View Statistics".  


Edit Game Menu - Wix 


3. On the Statistics page you can see various data related to your game, such as the total plays and average engagement time.


Statistics Page - Wix


4. Scroll down the Statistics page until you reach the "Form" section. This section will automatically have the fields you've added to your custom form ticked - by clicking on the "Export Form Data" button, you can download a CSV file with the player submitted data from the relevant fields.


Form Section - Wix


That's all there is to it! Unfortunately at this stage it isn't possible to download the player scores with the form data, but this is a highly requested feature and one that we're working on. Keep an eye out in the future for this functionality! If you have any trouble or would like a hand, feel free to contact our support team at