Thanks for trying out our Gamify for Wix app! When you upgrade your Gamify package to Silver or Gold you gain access to the reward functionality, an incredibly popular way of encouraging player engagement.


Please note - currently rewards can only be given out to players randomly. The ability to give rewards to top scoring players is a highly requested feature and one that our developers have on their high-priority development list!


1. First, make sure you are on one of our Silver or Gold packages, as this ensures the reward functionality is available for you to use.


2. For the game that you would like to add a reward to, click on the settings icon and select the "Edit game" button.


Edit Game Menu - Wix


3. Navigate through the Preview and Game Detail pages until you reach the "Add a Custom Form" page. Scroll down to the "Add a Reward" section, then ensure the "Add reward to your game" box is ticked. Enter in a congratulations message to display to players, a voucher code that players can use to redeem their reward, and upload a voucher image. Rewards aren't emailed automatically to your players, so your winners will need to ensure they save the details of the reward. In this section you can also choose how many rewards you want to be randomly distributed to your players each month - once this limit is reached no more voucher codes will be shown to players.


Add A Reward - Wix


4. To save your changes click on the "Next Step" button in the bottom right corner - as adding rewards is the last step, this will publish your game and your rewards will be live!


That's all there is to it! Congratulations on setting up rewards for your players. If you have any trouble or would like a hand, feel free to contact our support team at