Thanks for trying out our app! If you've uninstalled the Gamify for Shopify app but you're still finding text referring to a Gamify logo on your storefront, it can quickly be removed.


1. Open up the "Themes" tab of your store settings, and then under "Actions" select "Edit code". 

Edit Store Code - Shopify


2. In the code for your store there will be a few lines of Gamify code that haven't been removed. Each page with a blue dot beside it likely has a line (or two) of Gamify code left in it. Scroll through each page looking for any references to "gfy-container" or "gfy-popup". There is most likely just one, in the code under “sections/product-template.liquid”, but there may be others as well. It can help to narrow down the pages you need to check by looking at the pages of your store that still have Gamify logos displaying at the bottom of them, and finding the pages of code for those.

Product Template Page - Shopify


3. When you come across a line of code that references Gamify, highlight the whole line and delete it. You can use the "Preview" button at the top of the editing screen to see if your changes have removed the logo, or if you need to find more references. Once you've made all your changes and are happy with the result, click "Save".

Those should be the only steps you need to remove the logo! We're really sorry to see you go. Thanks for checking out our app, and please feel free to get in touch with us by emailing if you need any more help or have feedback for us.